Yes it is overwhelming the amount of items your new baby will need. I will tell you what most of our minimalist moms tell us they used the most and get items that have multipurposes.

1. Let's start with teethers: A baby may start teething as early as 4 months up to around 2 years old. So we recommend you get a multipurpose teether that can also be a sensory toy and your baby may enjoy for a long time. The best choices are silicon teethers because they are washable and can distract a baby for a long time. There are different forms of teethers such as those that moms call chewlery, like a necklace,  clips teethers, chewlery for the baby to wear as bracelet, so we offer many choices.

2. As far clothing goes, you know that babies change about five times a day so try to get clothes kids could grow into like pillow case dresses because they can be worn as shirts as your baby becomes a toddler.

3. As you may know babies can suffer from ear infections and find organic remedies are best for minor ear infections and this can be even used for adults as well. Our moms recommend mullein flower oil.  A wonderful, pain relieving and healing herb, Mullein, is beneficial for a multitude of injuries, trauma, aches and pains. Our family uses it for earaches, asthma, cuts, abrasions, mouth injuries and a host of other ills. We are very thankful to have our pain relieving and anti-septic Mullein around.  

4. One of the most popular moisturizing oils is coconut oil. Howewver,  if you suffer from nut allergies our moms prefer their babies with one of our to use a baby friendly such as rice oil infused with Chamomille organic flowers to deal with baby's issues. 

5. We always love items that can have multipurses because it they don't only save time but most of all saves  money. So our moms love and approve of the breast feeding wrap/baby car cover/grocery cart cover. Hey! what can I say it can have a lot of uses. 

6. One minimalist mom number one recommendation was to get plenty of burb clothes, and bibs because you are going to through a lot of them. There so many choices for you can visit our online store but your have a lot of  choices out there. 

7. Babies grow so quicly and capturing their growth is one of the fun activities you can do. Find cute outfits for photographs and have a custom outfit or a onesie made specially for your baby. Since time certainly goes so quicqly you want to make those memories last for a long time and have at least two or three cute outfits and accesories that you that are made specially for your baby.

Don't forget to make some for yourself by creating a relaxation spa time with bathbombs, and some bubbles and recuperate and continue enjoying your mom life!