Weather you are a mom to be or a having your third child, announcing your pregnancy is most definitely a special occasion. Nowadays, there are so many ways to make this reveal special and we want to help you give some of the must haves and make it memorable.

We have been creating baby announcements for almost two years, and our moms always tell us that they want something unique, personalized and handmade for them. So based on what our loyal customers have told us, we gathered this list of must haves!

1. A personalized bodysuit with a cute message

There are so many choices to create a pretty bodysuit with a message of your choice. Let's get real, this is a very special opportunity to do a personalized announcement, choose to have a message printed for you here. For the last two years we have been creating unique ways to announce your pregnancy with your designs so don't hesitate to send us a message because we do it all the time.

2. Use popular saying and themes

We know that you have a lot in your plate as we know you are creating a precious life, so we suggest you find among the most popular sayings for a bodysuit. There are certain expressions that are the most popular on bodysuits announcement such as "Oh Baby", "And then there were 3 or 4", love camping? we have design for that as well. These are some of our number one sellers and you will understand why!

3 Add props to your announcement 

As we all know beautiful photos are unforgettable pieces of memories and keepsakes. The best way to make those photographies more original is with props. We recommend that you choose a calendar with your due date and even have it printed for you. We offer a calendar as part of our pregnancy announcement boxes. When you shop our bodysuits, you are able to add a calendar we print in cardstock. The only thing you need to do is let us know your due date and we do all the work for you!

4.  Another must have & most useful prop

Did you know that babies teethe for about two or more years? Yes! Right? that's what we said too. We believe in beautiful and useful photo props but even better something that your precious baby will be able to use for at least two years! We make our teethers as rings but we can also make them into clips with gender specific colors. To order see options here.

5. Other things to add to your announcement

For us we have a Traders Joe close to our store and we are constantly stopping at their flower shop. If you look through photos you will see we love peonies, roses and more! So we recommend that you visit your local flower shop or supermarket to get flowers of your choice to enhance your pregnancy reveals. 

6. Plan your setting

So you have bought all these products and now you need to set the stage! We look for things with texture, a while plank background or a pretty basket. Find a great window, find your camera and shoot! If you would like us to do all of these for you, guess what? we can! Look through digital announcements and let us do all of the work for you!

7. Choosing a diy announcement

If you have a good eye for photography, we recommend that you find a pretty calendar with pretty calligraphy for you to print. Use the calendar as a prop and dyi your own photo announcement. Choose calendars here that are instantly downloadable with pretty calligraphy. 

Wow! that is a lot to take in right? yes! This is the reason we make this a full time job and we love it. Shop today and receive 25% of your orders of $35 or more when you sign up to our email list. Copy and paste this  


Kalina and team!