First let's say congratulations on your new bundle of joy news! We know you must be thrilled to announce to the world that you are pregnant. We do this every day and we know this is an important time in your life because you are about to add a tiny human to your family.

1. Rember to take care of yourself and share your news with your doctor and have a very good check up to make sure that everything is going well with your pregnancy.

2. Get enough sleep! 8 to 9 hours sleep, be realistic your body is working harder at making that tiny human.

3. Once you have checked your pregnancy is going well start searching for ways to reveal your pregnancy and do your baby announcement. Do your research with our site as wel offer different ways with actual physical products like bodysuits and digial announcements . The number one thing our moms love from using our services is that we make it easy from ordering to posting to printing.

4. So your pregnancy is going well and you have a great ultrasound you want to add to your photograph announcement? Then start deciding what season or them you would like to use we offer all the seasons, for single babies and twins.

5. Take your time to view all the options we have to offer to do your pregnancy Announcement. Since 2016 we started offering bodysuits  to digital announcements for your social media, which you can also print! We have partnered with a professional printer where you can order any of our copyrighted photographs and use for Christmas cards, or photo keepsakes.

6. You have decided what theme you want to do for your baby announcement and you are ready to place your order? Then you have arrived at the right place! You can feel confident we have over 900 five star reviews and extremely satisfied moms we keep come back for their gender reveals, baby shower invitations, and birth announcement cards

7. Last thing to remember is decide if you want to add or not add your ultrasound, a lot of moms love the idea of adding their ultrasound but some prefer not to as it is very private decision you and your husband or partner can decide.

Any which way, you have come to the right place because we specialize in baby announcements and we go beyond to be able to offer the best prices and excellent cutomer service. We look forward to creating your precious news and reveal them to the world!

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